"Reality is but an imperfect reflection of what actually is. Perception is everything." -Randall Norberg.


Cette est comment je vois le monde...et comment je veux vois le monde.

Tout ce que je veux dans la vie est être heureuse assez que je peux faire heureuses des autres aussi.

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Life is meant to be experienced kinesthetically, not just mentally. You were born with a multitude of senses, be intimate with them. Everything around you is vibrating and alive, be alive with it. Be aware of the sounds and the smells. Every thought and every sensation. Whatever arises, just witness it. Don’t get consumed by it. Don’t let it sweep you away. Take refuge in direct experience. Allow everything to unfold as it is, naturally and uncontrived. There is a vividness to life that lies beyond the limits of your mind. Loren Frohning  (via hefuckin)

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and so is kindness